Price per carton , 16nr tiles = coverage 5.76m2

If you’re looking for ceiling tiles to furbish or renovate a commercial space, office spaces, a classroom, or even a garage or storage space, then you’re in the right place.

The Fine Fissured Square Edge ceiling tiles are versatile and adaptable, so they suit a variety of spaces. Moreover, they can match different types of interior decor choices and styles, so they won’t influence your design, color, or furnishing choices.

These ceiling tiles feature a discreet, yet lovely non-directional patterned surface. They provide medium sound absorption and attenuation, so they isolate acoustically. They can also add to the thermic insulation of a room.

They are made to fit on a 24mm grid system, which means they can be easily used to replace damaged tiles or entire ceilings without replacing the entire grid.



Product Description

Dimensions (mm) 600x600x15
Specification 34dB 95%RH
Tiles per box 16
Carton Coverage 5.76 m²
Carton Weight 19.7 Kg
Product Number BP 9121 M3B
Sound Absorption Class C
Recycled Content 51%

You’ll want to choose the Fine Fissured Square Edge tiles because they’re quick and easy to fit, because they’re durable, and great value for money!

Fine Fissured Ceiling Tile SE Square Edge 600mm AWI BP9121 16nr per box


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