Price per carton , 16nr tiles = coverage 5.76m2

Ceiling tiles are a perfect solution for those who are renovating a residential or commercial space. They mask imperfections, a crooked ceiling, or can simply be used when you’re building a new space. They are suitable for garages, storage spaces, offices, stores, or just about any interior space you’re looking to refurbish.

The Dune Supreme Ceiling Tiles Tegular Edge are especially suited if you’re looking to acoustically isolate a room up to 35db.They are the perfect solution to your technical constraints, and match just about any style of interior design, from casual to formal.

Their simple design makes them perfect for all types of projects, and won’t influence your choice of materials or colors too much. This is a finely granulated surface patterned ceiling tile, which is why it is so versatile and adaptable.

This Ceiling Tile BP2273 replaces the Old Code Premier Teg BP9921.

The Dune Supreme Ceiling Tiles with Tegular Edge are easy to fit. Their versatility makes them a great choice for any type of interior, from casual to formal, or practical storage spaces. They are high quality, resistant tiles, which makes them great value for money.

these tiles have been replaced by Dune eVo


Dimensions (mm) 600x600x15
Specification 35dB 99%RH
Carton Coverage 5.76 m²
Carton Weight 21.8 Kg
Tiles per box 16
Product Number BP 2273 M4A
Sound Absorption Class D
Recycled Content 48%

Dune Supreme Ceiling Tile TEG Tegular Edge 600mm BP2273 PERF 16nr tiles per box

SKU: BP2273UKCTS181756

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