Price per carton , 16nr tiles= coverage 5.76m2

If you’re on the lookout for ceiling tiles, then you’re either building, or you’re renovating. Or you might just be looking to flip a house.

But finding the right ceiling tiles won’t be that difficult.

The Dune Supreme Ceiling Square Edge tiles are high grade, durable tiles that adapt to almost any type of space. Their versatility makes them suitable for both casual and formal or official interior spaces & ideal for school refurbishment.

This finely granulated patterned surface is discreet and matches any other interior decoration choices you make. Whether you’re adding ceiling tiles to office spaces, stores, storage spaces, garages, or any other type of hall or room, they won’t influence your furnishing or color choices to make.

In a neutral white shade and finely granulated patterned surface, these tiles fit any style you choose. Moreover, they add to the isolation of rooms both thermally and acoustically.

This Ceiling tiles BP2271 have replaced the old code Premier board BP 9910.

The Dune Supreme Square Edge ceiling tile are a great value for money, long-term investment that makes your building or renovating projects develop quickly and efficiently. They fit on 24mm grid system, which makes them suitable for most existing grids.

these tiles have been replaced by Dune eVo


Dimensions (mm) 600x600x15
Specification 35dB 99%RH
Carton Coverage 5.76 m²
Carton Weight 21.8 Kg
Tiles per box 16
Product Number BP 2271 M4A
Sound Absorption Class D
Recycled Content 48%

Dune Supreme Ceiling Tile SE Square Edge 600mm BP2271 PERF 16nr tiles per box

SKU: BP2271UKCTS242149

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