Price per Carton , 16nr tiles = coverage 5.76m2

Ceiling tiles are an excellent choice for both renovation and construction projects. They can flip the aspect of an older house, room, hall, office space, garage, store, storage space, or any type of indoor space, truly. Or they can be used when planning on the furnishings of a new space.

They are easy to install, and have the added benefit of masking imperfections, a unlevel old plasterboard ceiling, or necessary piping, wiring, or cabling. This makes them a great solution for technical constraints within office or commercial spaces, but just as suitable for residential indoors.

Not only, but the Dune Supreme Tegular Edge Microlook ceiling tiles also sport sound absorption and attenuation. In many ways, they act as thermal and acoustic insulation, which makes them great for classrooms as well.

With their finely granulated patterned surface, these tiles can match and adapt to interiors of any nature, and to a wide variety of interior design styles. Whether you’re working with constraints or choices, the versatile ceiling tile adapts.

This ceiling tile numbered BP 2274 replaces the old code Premier Microlook BP 9922.

You can use the Dune ceiling tiles to add to a room’s insulation as well. They provide acoustic and thermal insulation, and can thus be used for classrooms or any type of teaching venue. They are durable and qualitative, so they’re a long-term investment for your project.

these tiles have been replace with Dune eVo

Dimensions (mm) 600x600x15
Specification 35dB 99%RH
Tiles per box 16
Carton Coverage 5.76m2
Carton Weight 27.1 Kg
Product Number BP 2274 M4A
Sound Absorption Class C
Recycled Content 48%


Dune Supreme Ceiling Tile ML Microlook 600X600 AWI BP2274 PERF 16nr per box

SKU: BP2274UKCTS181757

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