Price per carton , 14nr tiles = coverage 5.04m2

You can use ceiling tiles whether you’re building or renovating an interior. It is an excellent way of hiding imperfections, or a crooked ceiling, or to isolate a room thermally and acoustically many schools though out the country now has these tiles installed in their classrooms because of their higher dB Rating

In fact, the Dune Max Ceiling Tegular Edge tiles are an excellent solution for classrooms or other teaching conditions, since they provide good levels of sound absorption and attenuation. As such, they be used in any room that houses mid-level noise activities without allowing too much sound outside.

But ceiling tiles are such a great solution because they’re versatile, too. They are suitable for office spaces, storage spaces, garages, or stores. They fit both commercial and residential, both casual, and formal.

This particular model features a finely granulated patterned surface that allows you to choose different styles of interior decor.

The Dune Max Ceiling Tegular Edge ceiling tiles are easy to fit. They help your renovation or building project go smooth, and is a long term investment & Idea for school classrooms.


Dimensions (mm) 600x600x18
Specification 35dB 95%RH
Carton Coverage 5.04 m²
Carton Weight 22.3 Kg
Tiles per box 14
Product Number BP 2252 M4b
Sound Absorption Class Class C
Recycled Content 48%

Dune Max Ceiling Tile TEG Tegular Edge 600mm AWI BP2252 14nr tiles per box


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