Price per carton , 16nr tiles = coverage 5.76m2

Armstrong ceiling tiles are highly qualitative and durable. They are a long term investment, good value for money, and adapt to any interior decor style.

If you’re looking to partially replace tiles, change an entire ceiling, or just in the middle of a new construction project, these tiles are versatile and adaptable. Their neutral color suits both casual and formal styles, and can be used for either residential or commercial spaces. Add them to furnish garages, office spaces, stores, storage spaces and deposits, classrooms, and so on.

The Cortega Tegular Edge ceiling tiles feature a multi-directional fissured surface pattern and look very discreet without being dull. Thus, they can also adapt to various interior decor styles, whether you’re in the position to choose, or are constrained by existing furnishings and colors.

They also provide thermal and acoustic insulation, providing spaces with medium sound absorption and attenuation. This is one of the reasons that makes them ideal for teaching and learning spaces, or for any other kind of space that requires some sound muffling.

The Cortega Tegular Edge ceiling tiles are easy to fit on existing grids. They can be used to mask wiring, piping or cabling and hide unwanted duct work above the ceiling.


Dimensions (mm) 600x610x15
Specification 34dB 70%RH
Tiles per box 16
Carton Coverage 5.76 m²
Carton Weight 18.9 Kg
Product Number BP 9105 M3C

Cortega Ceiling Tile TEG Tegular Edge 600mm AWI BP9105 16nr tiles per box


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