Price per carton , 16nr tiles = coverage 5.76m2

Replacing an old or damaged tile ceiling, or simply fitting one into a new building is simple when you’re shopping at Armstrong. One of the leading brands on the market, it provides you with a wide diversity of tiles in different sizes and models to suit all your particular needs.

But ceiling tiles’ diversity goes way beyond that. They adapt to any type of space, both commercial and residential, to public or private spaces, and suit either formal or casual interiors. They are a great addition to offices, stores, garages, storage spaces and deposits, or industrial halls that need to mask wiring, cabling or piping.

The Cortega Square Edge ceiling tiles can also serve as insulators, both thermally and acoustically, providing medium sound absorption and attenuation. As such, they’re an ideal addition to classrooms, lecture halls, and any general teaching spaces.

Their neutral color and multi-directional fissured patterned surface is discreet, visually appealing, and suitable for almost all types of interior design choices or constraints. It will match all color choices, and designs.

The Armstrong Cortega ceiling tiles are durable and made from high quality materials, so they will last for years and years without deteriorating. They are easy and quick to install. This particular model fits onto a 24mm grid system.


Dimensions (mm) 600x600x15
Specification 34dB 70%RH
Tiles per box 16
Carton Coverage 5.76 m²
Carton Weight 19.5 Kg
Product Number BP 9102 M3B

Cortega Ceiling Tile SE Square Edge 600mm AWI BP9102 16nr tiles per box

SKU: BP9102UKCTS543661

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