Price per carton , 10nr tiles = coverage 7.20m2

You can use ceiling tiles in a variety of circumstances, and in almost any type of room and interior space. They adapt well to both residential and commercial or business spaces, such as homes, offices, garages, storage spaces and deposits, stores, classrooms, and more. They’re suitable for institutions such as schools or hospitals, public spaces, and others.

Because they’re acoustically and thermally insulating, they add to the quality of the space you’re building or renovating. They are simple to attach, and to remove, which makes them ideal for commercial or industrial spaces where you need to mask wiring or piping, but also need to maintain easy access to them.

The Cortega Square Edge ceiling tiles are discrete and neutral-colored with multi-directional fissured surface patterns. It makes them just perfect for any kind of interior design, whether you’re dealing with choices or constraints. It matches both casual and formal, it matches all colors, and any type of furniture or furnishing that a space has.

The tiles are made in high standard conditions with best quality materials, so they are durable and very pleasing aesthetically. You are making a long-term investment when purchasing from the Armstrong range of products.

These extra-large tiles are perfectly suited for extra big rooms and ceilings, so you gain more coverage faster and make installation efficient.


Dimensions (mm) 1200x600x15
Specification 34dB 70% RH
Tiles per box 10
Carton Coverage 7.2 m²
Carton Weight 24.5 Kg
Product Number BP 9101 M3B

Cortega Ceiling Tile SE Square Edge 1200x600mm AWI BP9101 10nr tiles per box

SKU: BP9101UKCT548531

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